4 Min – August 19, 2023

Bringing Harmony to Your Home: Pantone Selection Tips

Paint can be one of the most affordable and basic methods for revamping a place, as you all know. But you know what’s the biggest challenge about it? Selecting the right color. Colors have a powerful influence on your mental state and moods. This is because it is essential to select the appropriate colors when decorating an indoor space. Particularly the place where you live, which serves as your own personal refuge for relaxation.

Nevertheless, there are so many different types of paint and tints available, yet choosing paint colors for a room may be a stressful task. No matter how many years of experience a professional has in design, choosing a paint color for your walls can be one of the most difficult parts of decorating your home because the color can look different in different rooms and at different times of day. Additionally, it must blend harmoniously with the other colors in the room. This can be particularly challenging when selecting a paint color for the living room or similar area that might contain a lot of well-collected furniture.

Starting with your favorite colors allows you to break free from the limitations of conventional color schemes for a specific decorating style. You can base a color scheme around your favorite color by using it as your base color. Your new color scheme for the entire house can be inspired by your preferred hues. Here’s how to determine the meaning of your favorite hue and how to use it in décor.

Evaluate the Space:

Before you begin your revamping process, it is better to ask yourself some questions, such as, “What is the feeling I aim for in my room? In this room, what do I want to do?”

Your choice of hue should be influenced by your responses. While energizing blues and pinks could be perfect for dynamic places like kitchens and dining rooms, deep greens or grays might work well in statement-making areas like lounges and powder rooms. A calming combination of beige and off-white can be ideal for a bedroom. However, the decision is yours.

Choosing Paint Color Inspirations:

The go-to sources for decorating ideas have always been magazines and catalogs. The internet is full of thousands of pages that can inspire you. Paint companies can also offer ideas on how to employ color in your house, and retailer websites can inspire you with their room vignettes. Real-time color inspiration is available on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. You may organize all your ideas in one place by making inspiration boards for your most popular concepts with Pinterest.

Take Your Time Selecting Neutral Paint Colors:

It’s not necessary for neutral paint colors to be simple or unadorned. By utilizing the colors in your neutral color palette in novel ways, you can make it pop. While adding a ton of flare, a neutral-colored striped wall maintains the space feeling airy and comfortable. A pastel ceiling combined with neutral walls is a cunning approach to introduce color without taking away from the room’s calming atmosphere.

Take the Color of Your Paint from a Print:

Starting with a print cloth is one of the simplest methods for selecting interior paint colors. Paint color inspiration can be found in bedding, table linens, and even throw cushions. Look to the print’s brightest colors when designing an accent wall. Consider the color of the print fabric’s minute details if you want to go with a more subdued paint color or one for a larger area. To select paint strips to view at home, bring a fabric swatch to the paint store.

Try Out Some Paint Colors Before Buying

It is always best to stick to this straightforward guideline. Always test out any paint color you are thinking about. It is imperative to get the color just perfect the first time when you are investing hours and gallons of paint in your project. This is a step that you should not skip. There are heaps of cans of returned paint at the back of the paint store, left by customers who did not take the time to sample first. Stay away from them. To reduce waste, make sure you determine just how much paint you’ll need.

“Choosing the right color for your room is like choosing the right outfit for your mood – it sets the tone for your space.”

Now is the perfect moment to purchase paint and start working. You won’t be painting again for a while, so if you’re painting the walls yourself, keep everything tidy and give yourself enough time between coats. After that, arrange the furniture and accessories and unwind.

It’s a transformative journey when you recreate your space, and you select the right pantone for it. It enhances your living area and positively influence your daily life. By understanding color matching, assessing your personal style, and considering practical factors, you can create a room that’s not just a beautiful but also an extension of your identity. With the right colors, your interiors can be a canvas of self-expression and comfort.


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